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Candace Owens Labels Taylor Swift ‘Most Toxic Feminist,’ Accuses Pop Icon of ‘Manipulating Her Audiences



Pop megastar Taylor Swift has gotten into the heads of conservatives and right-wing Americans lately, as they have called her out for, quote on quote, ‘ruining the minds of young women’ with her music and also by making them despise the NFL after she appeared on the scene since her romance with Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce began.

One of Swift’s most prominent ‘haters’ is African-American conservative commentator Candace Owens, who recently said on her program on The Daily Wire network ‘Backstage,’ that the singer-songwriter ‘is completely insane.’

During her intervention in the show, Owens said that for her, Taylor Swift is ‘the most toxic feminist that has ever existed.’Obviously, if you’ve seen what she’s even done in business and how she tries to manipulate her audiences to get out of deals and contracts, she’s totally insane. She’s the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed.Kelce, however, is not currently in Australia. “I am not planning anything after this Super Bowl; I am just focused on this game right now. But I’d love to experience down under,” he admitted prior to the Super Bowl.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the perennial Pro Bowler decides to make the trip to Australia to spend quality time with his partner.

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