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Is Taylor Swift Engaged? Reports Of Travis Kelce’s Unofficial Proposal Hint At Marriage Soon



Is Taylor Swift Engaged? Reports Of Travis Kelce’s Unofficial Proposal Hint At Marriage Soon

Stay calm, Swifties — these romance rumors are next level.

We now have reason to believe that our beloved pop princess and her football star beau, Travis Kelce, may be hearing wedding bells sooner than we thought. Since this unlikely A-list romance first began, some fans have believed that there are signs that this superstar relationship won’t work out, while others have been hoping that Kelce will bring Swift her happy ending. Now a source has revealed that based on their behavior on a recent vacation, these two may really be endgame, after all.

The early days of Swift and Kelce’s relationship were full of secret meetings, but these days, the couple is much more out in the open about their love. The pair was even recently photographed many times on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas. From the sound of it, this trip may have been a turning point in their relationship. At least, that’s what one onlooker believes. On March 21, a witness saw an interesting interaction between the pair while on their romantic getaway. “Travis told Taylor he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and she told him she feels the same,” the source told Life & Style. “It wasn’t an official proposal, but they’re committed to each other, and theyspent the weekend celebrating in paradise.”

From the sound of it, it seems that there were quite a few romantic moments between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on their vacation. The witness explained to Life & Style that “when they weren’t making out, they were in deep conversation.” The source went on to say that, while it’s unclear exactly what was said, this conversation between the stars “was clearly an incredibly intimate moment.”

It’s unknown if this couple has any solid plans to tie the knot or whether a proposal is actually in the works. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Kelce may have a long-term commitment on the brain. On an episode of his podcast “New Heights,” he even joked about his favorite baby name, so the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end may very well be thinking about his future with Swift. Even so, this pair has only been together for nine months, so while they may be having some more serious conversations, that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to walk down the aisle right away. Regardless of the timeline, though, it’s safe to say that this pair isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon

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