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Jason Kelce in Floods of Tears as He Beholds His First Adorable Son in Tears with Over Joyed Wife Kylie Kelce What do you have say to Family Jason Kelce.



was overwhelmed by emotions as he watched his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the final moments of the Monday, January 15, playoff game.

Kelce, who is the center for the Eagles, headed to the sidelines as the clock ticked down during tKylie revealed in 2023’s Prime Video documentary Kelce that Jason has been discussing retirement “for years,” telling the cameras, “I don’t think that people realize the beating you’re taking then impacts the way you interact with your family. … I always tell people, no matter what happens with football, how it ends, I would like him to retire when he is still able to get down on the floor and play with our kids comfortably.”her husband, noted, “I always am very quick to point out they’re compensated heavily, but it’s crazy as a 35-year-old man being in, like, a world of pain.”

Meanwhile, Jason, who was drafted into the NFL in 2011 and has won one Super Bowl championship, confessed in the documentary that it’s becoming “harder and harder to play.

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