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Megyn Kelly urges people to condemn Meghan Markle after she calls Nigeria ‘my country’ as she opens up about her background (update VIDEO, below)



Meghan Markle‘s trip to Nigeria reminded fans of her past life as a working duchess, and experts think the former actress used Princess Diana‘s accessories to silently send out a message to the royal family amid their ongoing feud.

“Meghan Markle’s three-day trip to Nigeria with Prince Harry saw her wearing sentimental jewelry that didn’t go unnoticed,” James Harris told GB News. “One such stunning piece was a delicate cross-pendant adorned with sparkling diamonds paired with a gold chain.”

“The cross pendant, while beautiful in its craftsmanship, could have carried a deeper significance,” the regional sales manager for Austen & Blake noted. “Traditionally, a cross pendant symbolizes faith, hope, and protection.”

Harris applauded the Suits star for her ability to use fashion as a form of communication.

“For many, it represents a connection to one’s spiritual beliefs and a reminder of resilience and strength in times of adversity,” he explained. “In Meghan’s case, the cross might also be seen as a symbol of unity and peace, reflecting her commitment to humanitarian efforts and her dedication to fostering understanding across cultures.”

“We love that Meghan’s choice of jewelry often carries layers of meaning, and this cross pendant is no exception,” Harris continued. “It serves as a testament to her values and the causes she holds dear, making it much more than just an accessory.”

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