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Patrick Mahomes Reveals Ace Dog Trainer While Wife Brittany Mahomes Promotes Stroller Her Two Kids Use



Patrick Mahomes started the 2023 season with a disappointing loss against the Lions but concluded the campaign with a Super Bowl trophy in his hands. Now, into the offseason, he is away from the chaos of the gridiron, spending quality time with his family, including his two four-legged friends, Steel and Silver. And as it turns out, these two canines have quite an accomplishment to share with the fans.

Mahomes’ furry friends have an Instagram page of their own, which recently featured a video by a dog expert, Thomas Davis. In the brief clip, Thomas can be seen taking Steel and Silver on a walk on two separate leashes. It seems to be their daily routine as whenever the ace trainer abruptly halts, so do the doggos. They are well-behaved and wait for their companion to continue to journey. But that’s barely scratching the surface.

Thomas stopped once more in the video and commanded Steel and Silver to ‘stay’, even dropping their leashes on the ground. And for the good dogs they are, the duo didn’t even move an inch and patiently waited for Thomas to restart. The professional trainer, however, wanted to show off how well-mannered Mahomes’ canines are, as he gave them separate commands of ‘sit’ and ‘down’, and to no one’s surprise, they obliged. The video caught Mahomes’ attention as well, who couldn’t help but share it on his Insta story. And if you’re wondering if the puppies got their reward for good behavior, they sure did; Thomas concluded the video by awarding them finger-licking snacks.

Nonetheless, Mahomes isn’t the only one having fun during the offseason, as wifey Brittany seems to have found the perfect stroller for their young ones, Bronze and Silver. It’s a compact double stroller, called ‘The Twin v2’, which comes with a price tag of $529 on If you’re in the market for a stroller like this; The Twin v2 has Brittany’s stamp of approval, who wrote in her Instagram video:

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ Off-Season Family Photoshoot

Patrick, Brittany, Bronze, and Silver recently left us in awe with a carousel of stunning photos. In the first one, Brittany is resting on her knees, all smiles, alongside the little ones — and in the next, Mahomes shows off his pearly whites with the little ones on his lap. While Sterling forces a smile for the lens, Bronze is all serious, clutching a football in his hand. A future MVP?

Sterling and Bronze also had their solo pictures taken with smiles that filled the entire studio. They kept it going in several pictures, even trying to climb a small set of stairs. In another photo, the elder sister can be seen blowing bubbles at her little brother, who, this time, has a soccer ball in his hand. Only a year old, he is already having to navigate through so many sports.

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