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Prince Harry’s Reaction to Meghan Kissing Goes Viral



Prince Harry’s reaction after Meghan Markle gave his polo teammate a kiss on both cheeks went viral on TikTok.

The Duke of Sussex and his Royal Salute Sentebale Team took to the podium at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida, after winning 3-1. Harry and Meghan had a romantic kiss as they lifted the trophy, but some on social media also focused on another moment between the couple.

TikTok video that was liked more than 246,000 times and viewed over 2.8 million times showed what the onscreen caption described as “Meghan with Harry’s friend kissing,” followed by “Harry’s reaction.”

The moment appears to show the Sentebale team captain Malcolm Borwick, wearing the number 4 jersey, sharing a kiss on both cheeks with Meghan of the kind not uncommon when greeting a friend.

Prince Harry appears to react in a confrontational manner to Borwick in the footage, though a longer clip of their interaction does also show the duke laugh, suggesting there may have been a degree of mock performance in his response.

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