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Taylor swift caught Her boyfriend Travis Kelce in an Hotel with Kim Kardashian,Taylor was confused,what do you think she can do,she should break up with Travis or continue with the Relationship,drop yes if you want them to continue with their Relationship.



her Arrowhead concert in July, but was not blocked from the opportunity — a story he recalled on his podcast alongside his brotherThere were definitely people she knew that knew who I was, in her corner [who said]: ‘Yo! Did you know he was coming?’ I had somebody playing Cupid,” the 34-year-old athlete said in a new interview, published on Monday, November 20.

Travis then was shocked to see a message from the singer, 33, herself, via his phone. “She told me exactly what was going on and how I got lucky enough we had already kind of been talking, so I knew we could have a nice dinner and, like, a conversation, and what goes from there will go from there,” he continued, noting that he wasn’t nervous — but his family and loved ones hoped he didn’t mess up this opportunity.

Travis, who called the Grammy winner “hilarious” and a “genius,” said the pop star is unlike any of his previous girlfriends.

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