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Travis Kelce is more FAMOUS than Taylor Swift! – Yes, you read right. Taylor can’t even compare to Travis.. Here’s Why… And Who do you think is more Famous?



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s new relationship. After the popstar attended a few of Kelce’s games, the internet went wild. With this flurry of media attention, the question arose: did Swift put Kelce on the map?


I believe that Swift not only put Kelce on the map, but on the globe. She brought him world-wide fame. Before dating the 12 time Grammy-award-winner, Kelce was still famous. He held a world record for the most receiving yards by a tight end and won two super bowls as part of one of the best NFL teams. He was definitely on some kind of map. A small map perhaps, but still a map.

But when Swift waltzed into Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Chicago Bears, the last thing on anyone’s mind was football. Kelce’s instagram following jumped from 2.8 to 4.1 million within days. The next Chiefs game Swift attended had an average viewership of 28 million people, making it the most watched Sunday football game since the superbowl.

Although Kelce was famous before his relationship with Swift, his fame greatly increased when he became associated with the “Cruel Summer” singer. And it wasn’t just Kelce who became more famous because of Swift, I think that the Chiefs and the NFL became more famous as well. The Chiefs are an amazing team and they have won two superbowls in the last four years. While that is impressive, it is nowhere near as impressive as one of their players dating Swift. The NFL knows it. The Chiefs know it. ESPN knows it.

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