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Exclusive:Claudia, Jackie Oshry call ‘jealous’ Billie Eilish a ‘dreadful, miserable girl’ for seemingly dissing Taylor Swift



Controversial podcasters Claudia and Jackie Oshry called Billie Eilish a “dreadful, miserable girl” for seemingly criticizing Taylor Swift’s “wasteful” album packaging processes.

The “Bad Guy” singer spoke to Billboard last week about “big artists” making “f—king 40 different vinyl packages … to get you to keep buying more.”

She might as well have said ‘that blonde girl whose names rhymes with Faylor,’” Claudia, 29, said on Friday’s episode of “The Toast” podcast.

“I don’t think we could speculate this to be about anyone else,” she went on, theorizing that the nine-time Grammy winner was “jealous” of Swift.

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