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Meghan Markle Really Is Surprisingly Hated in Britain



Meghan Markle’s U.K. fan base appears to have collapsed almost completely—with just 1 percent of Boomers feeling “very positive” about her, new polling shows.

The Duchess of Sussex was disliked by 65 percent of Brits, including 45 percent whose view of her was “very negative” and 20 percent who opted for the less severe “fairly negative.”

By contrast, just 4 percent of U.K. adults said they were “very positive” about Meghan, while 18 percent were “fairly positive,” in a poll by YouGov on May 1 and 2 which was released this week.

The data comes after Meghan last week swerved a trip to Britain, leaving Prince Harry to promote his Invictus Games tournament in London without his wife.

Overall, Meghan had a net approval rating of minus 43, a drop of five points compared to the beginning of April when she was on minus 38.

However, in reality most of the approval comes from people who felt “fairly positive” about her, while the percentage who love Meghan has crashed.

And the strength of feeling about the duchess becomes even more stark when the data is broken down by age.

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