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Tom Brady Is Speaking out in defends of Travis Kelce and Taylor Amid Backlash .



Tom Brady Is Speaking out in defends of Travis Kelce and Taylor Amid Backlash

“There’s always little family issues and, of course, I don’t mind seeing it because I was a part of a lot of those things,” the former footballer said on Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray (via Us Weekly). “Emotions are so high. You are definitely not centered and balanced, You’re not in a meditative state at that point. You are fully determined to go out there and to win.”

When it comes to how Andy Reid reacted, Tom said, “I think a lot of the things that are said during the games, people should just let them fly off their backs. And I actually think Coach Reid handled it just awesome, like he always does. He just said, ‘I was a little off balance and Travis is such a competitor.’ And I love that because it just speaks to his leadership ability.”

Andy’s spoken about the moment multiple times at this point, but he revealed exactly what Travis said during a convo with ESPN: “He was really coming over [and saying], ‘Just put me in, I’ll score. I’ll score.’ So, that’s really what it was. I love that. It’s not the first time. I appreciate him.”

The Chiefs coach previously told reporters post-game that, “The part I love is he loves to play the game, and he wants to help his team win. It’s not a selfish thing, that’s not what it is, and I understand that. And so as much as, you know, he bumps into me, I get after him. And we understand that. He just caught me off balance.”

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